Touching Lives With Courage and Inspiration One Word at a Time

Colorful Spirit Publishing all started for me when I self-published my 1st book, Spiritual Whispers to the Soul, in July of 2012 followed by my 2nd book, Living and Learning from the Healing Waters of Courage in November 2014.

After writing and self-publishing several poems and inspirational pieces, I felt compelled to expand my business offerings into an online store platform on Etsy called Colorful Spirit Gifts where I have taken many of my writings and turned them into poetic works of art. Along with my presence in the Etsy marketplace, I have my own separate store that is linked with Etsy at

As a motivational and inspirational creative spirit with a deep love for encouraging writings, I feel through many special ways I can help enrich the lives of others. After all, Colorful Spirit Publishing is all about Touching the Lives of Others with Courage and Inspiration One Word at a Time!

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